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The forum where YOU discuss the mysterious events surrounding Michael Jackson's death. The forum where YOU can discover the truth and the forum where WE will unite, to disover the truth and get to know the man, the mystery that is, Mr Michael Jackson.
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 Bad25 Album and OmerBhatti (RealObee) Song -See The Light

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PostSubject: Bad25 Album and OmerBhatti (RealObee) Song -See The Light   Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:44 am

If you all have listened to the songs on that album, you'd see that most of those songs on it have a connection to Michael's so called death. I want to address the Al Capone song in particular. Al Capone is a huge clue. On my Twitter page and Youtube channel, I've discussed my interpretation of the song's connection to Michael Jackson's death. If you want to follow me, here's my Twitter account. http://twitter.com/teammjhoax and also my video about the al capone and michael jackson connection video is here. you can also subscribe to my channel as well. I think we're getting really close to the end of the hoax.

See The Light has so many signs in that song that Michael's really alive. Also, I even noticed yesterday in the video that looks like Michael Jackson's body when you pause it at 0:17. He's the one to the right. You can see he has a black mask on and he's the only one not in the light.You can tell by the way he's walking that it looks like Michael's walk. Also, look at his hand. Yeah, there's also a part in the video where Obee's wearing a black mask also, but the body types are completely different.The one at 0:17 is Michael (atleast it looks and seems like it could really be him). Also the lyrics in the song, don't even apply to Obee. I mean think about it, none of the lyrics in the song apply to Obee. He mentioned the media, and all of that, and basically saying he's been trying to fight media and stuff..How does any of that apply to Obee?Obee hasn't ever gone through any of that. The only person that he could really be talking about is Michael Jackson.
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Bad25 Album and OmerBhatti (RealObee) Song -See The Light
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